The Switch includes the blocks immediately around Innovation Depot and moves outward from there. Think of Innovation Depot as a pebble thrown into the heart of the city and innovation rippling outward from there.

We have been very careful not to draw hard edges and create a “district.” Rather, we are calling The Switch an Innovation Destination. The Depot is the core – the epicenter and where you can easily be connected to the tools and resources to help launch and grow a startup. But, where the district will ultimately “ripple” out to is yet to be determined.

Likewise, to the north and the east of The Switch, we have been careful to take the existence of the Civil Rights District and Fourth Avenue Business District where social innovation, inclusion and equality are celebrated. The Switch connects to these important districts, but in no way is The Switch designed or intended to “take over” those import components of Birmingham’s history.

All three – The Switch, the Civil Rights District and the 4th Avenue Historic District – celebrate different aspects of economic growth, business development, opportunity, equality and inclusion.